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Intense Cycles


27.5" Enduro/Trail

1st  generation Tracer was introduced in 1999, the bike has been positioned as our most aggressive trail/all mountain bike in the line – agile on climbs and destroys the descents. The Tracer has long been a leader in the evolution of trail bikes. In 2014, it was named “Interbike’s Bike of the Year”. In 2017, Pink Bike called it a “playful, ready-for-anything trail bike” and Enduro Mag said was an “ irrefutably great bike”. But don’t take their word for it – experience it for yourself.



The ACV (AIR CUSHIONED VEHICLE) is a specifically designed 27.5+ bike that was created out of a necessity for adventure. A wider 2.8” tire offers ultimate traction climbing or descending any terrain, while the agile geometry and 130mm adjustable travel deliver supreme ride quality. Fluctuating the tire pressure between 12-25 PSI adds another level of ride preference to the ACV. More undampened suspension and sidewall grip at lower PSI allows riders a smooth ascent through the rockiest of trails.


29" Cross Country/Trail

The Sniper is a ground-up, dedicated, pedaling machine with two different travel versions: XC 100mm and Trail 120mm. Short travel bikes should descend like their long travel siblings and that’s what we have worked to craft into the Sniper. This is no “Twitchy XC bike”. With the 29” wheel size and progressive XC/Trail geometry, you get a stable ride that goes where you point it. Offered with a standard hard- ware package as well as a light weight SL package to shave some grams, the Sniper takes XC Race and Trail riding to the next level.


27.5" Downhill

The heir to the M-series throne, the M16 is a world-cup proven downhill racing machine. It is the culmination of decades of R&D that began with it’s famous predecessor, the M1, and has evolved throughout the generations of M.


29" Enduro/Trail

The all-new 2018 Carbine has been re-designed from the ground up, offering Modern Trail Geometry for a confidence-inspiring ride. The JS Tuned suspension “Enduro Link” has been redeveloped and refined to deliver an optimized leverage curve and axle path. Combined with slacker headangle, longer reach and increased wheelbase, the improved performance is hard to ignore. Add to that the bold new Color and Graphics, and your Carbine is sure to be a show-stopper on the trails.


27.5" Trail

The Intense Recluse is a skillfully crafted all-mountain machine. Featuring 150mm front and 140mm rear travel, and coupled with our proprietary JS Tuned Suspension, the Recluse ascends with as much efficiency as it descends. If you’re looking to push boundaries going up and heading down the mountain, the Recluse will deliver the experience you’ve been chasing.


27.5" Trail

The rigid, lightweight properties of carbon fiber combined with agile geometry deliver this incredibly fun, nimble, and light trail bike. The Spider 275 is designed for trail riding and racing, the optimized wheel path and efficient pedaling platform create a well-rounded machine that climbs and descends with equal skill.


29" Trail

The Primer delivers all the benefits of a 29’er with the responsiveness of a 27.5. With the aggressive geometry and the efficient JS-Tuned suspension platform, the Primer may completely change your mind about wheel size. Equipped with shorter chain stays, slack head angle and steeper seat tube, the Primer delivers a balanced feel whether pointed up or down the mountain.

Other Brands

Mountain, BMX, Cruiser, City

We also carry many more brands wich include Polygon, Fuiji, Breezer, Fairdale, Radio, SE, Fit Bike, HBBC, Tuesday, S&M, Early Rider, Little Shredder, Surly, Heller, Subrosa, And more!

Let us Build Your Dream Bike

Here at Kore North we specialize in upgrading your bike our building your fully customized dream bike. We now offer custom paint! 

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