An Enduro bike is a perfect combination of a downhill bike and a trail bike with a healthy amount of attitude.   It is a long travel, big hitting bike that loves the berms and is still not afraid to climb.  It will shine in steep sketchy descents and still wants to get in the air so you can show off to your style.  A good Enduro bike will thrive doing laps at your local ski resort or doing long rides in the foothills  An Enduro is our most popular style of bike we sell.   If you are going to have just one bike in your quiver and you like to get a little gnarly out on the trail, an Enduro bike is what we would recommend.

An Enduro bike will have between 150-170mm of travel in the front and rear suspension.  That is quite a bit more than a traditional bike which makes it a great bike for lot’s of various terrain.  The forks will be much beefier and stiffer then your used to seeing on a trail bike.   It won’t be the lightest bike out on the dirt but they are sturdy and over built to take all the abuse you can throw at it.  Come by the shop to let us help you figure out what would be the best bike for you.