A pedal assist e-bike will let you climb faster, ride further and get more miles in the saddle.  No it won’t power you up the mountain like a motorcycle, you still have to earn it.  You just get a little assist with each pedal stroke.  E-bikes have exploded in popularity over the last few years and the bike companies have been scrambling to keep up with demand.  The progression of technology has been super impressive year over year.

Whether you are trying to log longer miles on the trail or keep up with your hard core riding buddies an e-bike could be a great fit for you.  You might double the amount of runs you usually do at your local bike park in the evening after work.  We have sold lots of e-bikes to riders who just want to keep up with their significant other out on the dirt.  Come ride one of our shop demos around our parking lot to get a feel for an e-bike.