We are the most hardcore Downhill shop in the area with the pedigree to prove it.  We are gravity junkies!  We have been racing, riding, living and loving downhill since the late 90’s.  Come on into the shop and check out some of our personal downhill bikes that are all tricked out.  We also have an amazing collection of classic downhill bikes going back 25 years hanging up on the walls of our shop that are well worth your time to look at.   

Riding up the chair lifts and making runs to the bottom as fast as you can leads to some contagious smiles.  No matter if it’s your first run down or you’re a seasoned veteran, downhill riding is a fantastic adrenaline inducing thrill ride.  Seven plus inches of suspension front and rear help soften the ride and settle the nerves a bit.

We would love to sell you a downhill bike or better yet help you design a custom build that represents your personality.