For most of us BMX is where our love for bikes began.  As a little kid it was our first form of transportation and freedom.  We could roam farther away from our family home.  We could ride by ourselves or with friends.  We could practice and learn new tricks.  We built ramps in our driveways with any scraps of lumber we could find.  We would gather in a dirt parking lot and build jumps.  We could challenge our skillset on a daily basis until the street lights came on and we had to get home. 

Our love & respect for BMX has not gone away over the years.  We still get excited to see a sick new video part drop or riders pushing the limits of BMX much further than we ever dreamed it could go.  We have seen some retro brands make a resurgence in the last few years.  Some of those companies started making some bigger versions of BMX bikes that are marketed perfectly to those of us trying to hold onto our youth.  Whether you are trying to relive your glory days of the past or hook up your kid with a sweet bike, come on by the shop to see what we got.  We have a small selection of killer brands of BMX bikes for kids and adults.